Does Google think your website is mobile ready?

Does Google think your site is mobile friendly?

Does Google think your website is mobile ready? Starting April 21, Google will take your site’s mobile friendly status into account for mobile search results. I don’t know about you, but I am trying to make Google my new BFF, so let’s see what we need to do next.  First, let’s start with what exactly mobile friendly means, not all themes are mobile friendly or mobile responsive. 

When a theme is mobile responsive it means it can “collapse” the information that is on your website and reorganize it on a mobile device.  

Have you been using a mobile plug-in?  For Google, a mobile plug-ins doesn’t count. Plug-ins work like an app, and can only shrink your site down to a certain point.  The way you can tell if a site is using a mobile app plug-in, is at the bottom of the screen you will be you will be asked if you would like to view full site.  Another way

Shannon Acheson with has put together THE ULTIMATE LIST OF FEMININE WORDPRESS BLOG THEMES.  This is truly an awesome list of themes. If you are in the market for a new theme that is mobile responsive, Shannon has done a fantastic job of putting all the themes in one place. Now, which one to choose?(I feel like a kid in a candy store!)

I don’t have to tell you, you work so hard to produce brilliant content, adding gorgeous images, and making sure that your post is SEO friendly, let’s make sure we are mobile friendly too and put a check in the Google search win box.

Here’s how to check:

1.  Go to Webmaster Tools HERE

2. Add your URL and analyze google mobile friendly

If Google recognizes your site as mobile-friendly, you will get a green Awesome!

I have to admit, I was crossing my fingers while my site was being analyzed.

So, what if your site results comes back NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY? Website is not mobile reponsive

You will want to do the following first:

1. Be sure that you are running with the latest version of your blogging platform.  You can check site by going to your dashboard and select  UPDATES.  You should see the message:


2. Be sure to back up your site.  I use the plug-in BACK UP BUDDY

3. Once you have completed step 1 and 2, select I used a CMS and follow the instructions Step by Step

4. You will select the instructions from the guide:  How do I make my mobile site friendly? Follow Google’s instructions per the software platform your site is built.

Mobile Friendly Step by Step Tutorial

We all need deadlines.  I know it is another task in your busy day, but Google is doing us a favor. If you are checking your Google Analytics, you will probably see that a majority of your traffic is coming from mobile devices.  So, why not be optimized so your visitor can have the best experience possible reading all of your fabulous content!  Put another check in your Google ranking win box and be sure that you are mobile friendly today, before you start feeling the affects of lost traffic.

P.S. Don’t have Google Analytics installed yet? I’ve got a post for that HERE