Welcome!  We are often asked the tools that we use for managing time and our business.  We will continue to add items to this page, be sure to check back often and bookmark this page.

Full Disclosure:

Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and we will earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.  Please know that we use ALL the tools listed and we only recommend them to you because we find them useful in our everyday life.  Think of it like we are on the soccer field and we just discovered the best thing since sliced bread and can’t wait to share!  Affiliate links will be noted by an asterisk.*


These are my MOST useful tools that I use EVERY DAY!

Hostgator* :  My advice is to own your own real estate.  Self-hosting your website is like owning your own store!  The Baby Plan will work great just starting out. (The same plan I started with) Hostgator is SUPER EASY to use, one click and you have installed (Don’t be confused and get  Here is a coupon code to save 25% your hosting plan:  LAUNCHYOURBLOG25  I have used for over 10 years to purchase all of my domains.  Super easy to look up and see if the web address you are looking for is available and very competitive pricing.  One click and you have internet real estate!

Basecamp:  Whether you are looking for a project to do list with coworkers, team, staff, or homeschool (yes I use basecamp with my kids) this IS the TO DO LIST AMAZING APP!)  I am crazy about to do lists, and this APP feeds my crazy!  If you are an educator, email for a free account!   Basecamp is easy to set up and start using within minutes!

Evernote:  Did I mention I was a list girl?  Did I mention I love colorful notebooks?  The only problem with both of those is that I don’t know where I wrote down that cool tool, recipe, grocery list, curriculum idea, or video tip!  Enter (cue the dramatic, yet Sound of Music like theme….) Evernote!  Easy to set-up within 5 minutes you will have notebooks and notes, organized, categorized, I am hyperized (don’t think that is a word) but I can find things!  Yes, this app is mobile, on iPad (I carry my mini with me everywhere), laptop, desktop.  Love, Love, Love.  I think Basecamp and Evernote should date they are so amazing and perfect for each other!


Google Adwords – Keyword Search  Ok, I am such a literal girl when EVERY guru kept talking about Google Keyword Search, well I am just not even going to tell you how many times I looked it up, got on the phone with Google and told them that was not what I was looking for!  I am happy to say that you never need to pay for SEO, just do a little homework and take a look at my quick video tutorial to get you started and it will be crystal clear!

IMAGES & EDITING  Canva is my answer to never learning Photoshop.  We live in a visual world and if you don’t have the tools, well you are lost.  The best thing about Canva, well I could go on and on, but easy of use and get this ……IT’S FREE!  Yes, the tool is FREE!  If you use some of their images you can spend $1 per image and have the rights to use the image ( so worth it ) I create my EBOOKS, Visuals, Website Images, anything visual, I start with


MadMimi:  I have been using email marketing for over 10 years with my children’s consignment sale.  I have tried lots of providers, but have landed with Mad Mimi.  I love the Autoresponder feature, easy of adding images, scheduling, web forms, drip campaigns, Survey Monkey, link to your Etsy or Big Commerce Shop, Chrome App, and more!  If you are just starting or looking for a email provider, give Mad Mimi a shot, Free Plans for up to 2,500 contacts!